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Who is mccully culkin dating

There are even pictures of the two lovebirds holding onto each other while riding roller coasters like Ghost Rider and the Silver Bullet.Despite the fact that they were at an event all about horror and scaring, the new couple couldn't be more adorable and infatuated with each other.Photos of Brenda and Macaulay riding the amusement park rides are hilarious and adorable all at the same time.The star is clutching onto Macaulay's arm while they are in motion – body language you usually only see with serious couples. If in fact, they are a couple, it will be Brenda's first public relationship since her split from Trace.

When the reporter said she wasn't denying it, Brenda just smiled.

Clearly, he has moved on and now Brenda might be trying to as well.

As for Brenda and Macauley, only time will tell if their relationship withstands the obstacles and tests of the industry.

Their movie is set to be released sometime next year and we can only hope they get even closer.

Can you imagine how cute those red carpet photos will be if they are completely in love during a press tour for the film?!

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#RELATIONSHIPGOALS has just been taken to an entirely different level.