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Each team will have a Team Leader who managers that group for that task.

The team that performs the best will win a reward and avoid the boardroom.

Successful and stunning real estate developer Jo Jo Fletcher, 25, gets a second chance at her happily-ever-after, choosing from twenty-six handsome bachelors.

After being devastated last season by a shocking rejection from Bachelor Ben Higgins, who confessed his love to both her and Lauren Bushnell, the Texan beauty is ready to leave that heartbreak behind and write her very own love story as the Bachelorette.

At first, he decides not to go and tries to convince Alan that he no longer has feelings for her.

Watch Now When Walden gets tired of the complications that come with a traditional relationship, he hires an actress to be his girlfriend; Jake plans a rendezvous with Missi (Miley Cyrus) at the beach house.Watch Now After Evelyn tells Alan and Charlie how she feels about there being no mourners at her friend’s funeral, the boys share their feelings that this could also be the case at her funeral.Evelyn tries to prove them wrong by introducing them to a couple she help adopt a boy from China.Watch Now Charlie starts to question his relationship with Chelsea when he hears that Mia is back in town.Meanwhile, Judith goes into labor and Charlie, Alan and Herb rush her to the hospital, on the sixth season finale.

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Watch Now Evelyn offers to pay for Jake's college education, and Alan becomes listless because he has no compelling reason to work anymore, while Jake discovers a hidden talent in the culinary arts that may allow him to bypass college altogether.