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Text sex chat free online without any login

Their account balance, income and expenditure were assessed by the bank without their knowledge to see which models they could buy.

The letters claimed high-end vehicles were ‘just a few clicks away’, offered deals for cars including BMWs and said loans of up to £60,000 can be approved without a credit check.

One letter posted to a Lloyds Bank current account holder stated that she was eligible to borrow £18,500, which would pay for a new BMW 3 Series saloon.Banks have become embroiled in the row over reckless car loans after mass-mailing customers to convince them to buy luxury vehicles.Customers of Lloyds Banking Group – which also includes Halifax and Bank of Scotland – have received personalised letters offering them long-term monthly loan deals so they can buy new cars.Former minister and finance campaigner Ros Altmann called the unsolicited car loan offers ‘very worrying’.She added: ‘The lights are flashing red with car finance and we have to take notice.

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