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Recently, Solbi had been updating her cyworld with tons of pictures of Andy in MS and their pictures from We Got Married and Andy was recently caught getting giddy in a radio interview when asked about her.

This coupling also has the parents approval from both sides and in a recent interview Solbi’s dad exclaimed how he thought that things between Andy & Solbi’s been running well, but suddenly Andy entered MS and now Solbi has to wait for 3 years hinting at the probability that they’re really together which earned him a nudge from Solbi to keep quiet.

(It doesn’t help that i think Jangwoo is extremely hot with a slight resemblance to Lee Dong Wook hence, i’m living my fantasies vicariously through Eunjung).

As for Yonghwa and Seohyun, i know that a lot of fangirls will be after my head because of the Shinhye-Yonghwa pairing from the recently concluded Heartstrings but there’s just something about this two that gets to me.

The couple that i’ve been spazzing the most on in recent months.

They just look sooooo good together and they have this intense, intense sexual chemistry about them that just makes me want to yell at them to just GET IT ON so that it would just be over and done with.Most of the content on my blog are either my own musings that i just want to share out to the world or my own spin on popular memes as taken from an asian drama addicts perspective.However, please feel free to click on submit if you have any submissions especially for the LIFE AS TOLD IN AN ASIAN DRAMA, DONNAPIES ASIAN DRAMA INSPIRED MEMES and THAT AWKWARD ASIAN DRAMA MOMENT SECTION. As proven by videos and photos, there were a lot of leaning, hugging, hand holding and tickling all done in between flirtatious hitting and giggling whenever they botch up scenes or simply forget their lines while they were shooting.Yong taught her to have fun, to smile more and to bring out her fun side while Seohyun taught him to be more learnt, to mature and to take things seriously once in awhile.LEE DONG WOOK and KIM SUN AHNow, we’ve come to the last but not the least in this OTP list.

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They immediately hit it off from day one of the program with Solbi admitting right off the bat that even before she became a singer, she had long harbored a secret crush on Andy and how being in the show with him as a pseudo couple is a dream come true.

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