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Buy Now Combine old-school laces with a Boa dial and you have cycling’s most advanced closure system.

It ratchets down the fit with such nuance that we felt like we were wearing a second pair of socks.

This is the only bike jersey we’ve ever worn to the office without feeling underdressed.

Slightly flared hips, a curved neckline, and the muted pink color make the Kiah cute and functional.

The design kept us covered as we steered through technical Sedona trails.

It has performance chops, too, with an odor-killing merino-nylon fabric.

Buy Now The airy Ultralight feels as close to going shirtless as is possible in a form-fitting top.This East Coast apparel maker also knows a thing or two about premium bibs, building these with a mid­weight chamois that hugs without stifling and wide straps that don’t bite.Jersey: Buy Now Bib: Buy Now Do not buy these shades if you’re prone to losing or scratching sunglasses.Sizing is on the roomy side, so those with slim feet should go for the Plus, which replaces the top strap with a ratchet.Buy Now We used to advocate for the smallest pump possible, but with the advent of high­volume tires, we never leave home without the burly Micro Floor Drive XL.

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Buy Now Lots of protection in a good-looking, affordable lid: that sums up the Cartelle.