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Top honors went to Little Voyageurs Montessori School, Metro CISM Team, West African Medical Missions and Franconia Sculpture Park.The nerd development teams won nothing but bragging rights, but they seemed elated at the recognition.Many of the nonprofit teams brought along care packages for their nerds.

Unlimited amounts of Izzy’s Ice Cream and Pizza Lucé? Access to endless games of air hockey or Bag-a-Buck arcade games?“I hit my wall about four a.m.,’ said Mark Hulburt, vice president of marketing at The Nerdery.“But I took a half-hour nap in the ‘Quiet Room,’ had two coffees, and then I was good to go.” Sunday Morning Judging By Sunday morning, work was wrapping up, and the teams began their treks to the judging room for eight-minute presentations– one minute for every three hours of work. was Full Court Word Press, who’d been matched with Youth Performance Company (YPC), a Minneapolis-based youth theater company.They delivered mini-containers of Häagen-Dazs ice cream and thanked their nerds for the all-night effort.Liquid Nerd Fuel During the course of the slumberless party, a countdown clock, visible on screens everywhere, ticked away the seconds until the finish.

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I feel we’ve already won a magnificent prize, just by being able to participate.” Susan Kane, of the Valley Friendship Club, described herself as “giddy” when she learned her all-volunteer organization had been selected.

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