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He was accompanied by the Scots king's brother, the duke of Albany.Richard and Albany marched as far as Edinburgh before Richard strategically withdrew over the border.The queen, on hearing of these events, withdrew to sanctuary in Westminster Abbey with her family.Edward V arrived in London on 4 May, the day for which his coronation had been planned, and the event was rescheduled for 22 June.In 1476, Duchess Anne gave birth to their only child, who became known as Edward of Middleham.During the remaining years of his brother's reign, Richard of Gloucester rarely left the north.

Meanwhile, King Edward clandestinely married a Lancastrian widow in 1464 and thus began to alienate Warwick, his most powerful ally, who had favoured a political match with a European princess.He had been admiral of England since 1461 and he was now appointed constable.King Edward granted Richard many of Warwick's forfeited estates and the following year the duke married Warwick's younger daughter Anne, who was the widow of Prince Edward who was killed at Tewkesbury.Richard and the Council continued with the preparations for the coronation and with the governance of the country, but on 13 June Richard announced that a plot against him had been discovered and accused Lord Hastings of being the instigator.The latter was immediately executed and Archbishop Thomas Rotherham, Bishop John Morton and Thomas, Lord Stanley, were arrested.

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Lord Hastings possibly sent messengers north to inform Richard of his brother's death and urge that he come immediately to London.

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