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Ero dating net

Here, some claimed, were to be found the remains of a lost culture that dates back thousands of years, if not tens of thousands of years or more.

Supposedly they created monumental carvings from the granodiorite cliffs, boulders, and outcroppings on the top of the plateau carvings of an anthropomorphic and zoomorphic nature, including peoples of many different races and animals found not just in the immediate vicinity, but from other continents as well.

Could the tribe of Masma have reached the Pacific coast of South America?Ruzo called the protohistorical culture and people (or beings) he sought the Masma.The name was not original to Ruzo, but came to the Peruvian esoterist Pedro Astete (1871-1940) in a dream while he resided in Andahuaylas, Peru.Perhaps the ancient culture was the American remnants or branch of a worldwide primordial culture, the lost civilization of primal times.It was from this long-forgotten culture, Ruzo suggested, that our present humanity inherited the roots of our own civilized ways.

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Visitors to the plateau have experienced altered states of inner consciousness, accompanied by telepathic and clairvoyant abilities, whether in the dream or waking state. [ Markawasi has attracted the attention of some obscure, but nonetheless influential, figures in the arcane and occult sciences over the past fifty-some years.

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