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Epiphone banjos and bass viols (which had their own SN systems each) are out of the scope of my research.

Recommended links: Epiphone Upright Bass Research project (see note 7) and Banjo Hangout – Dating an Epiphone Banjo from the 1925-1930s era.

This means: Epiphone's ascending SNs reflect a chronology of production.

Based on these findings that ranges of consecutive SNs were assigned to batches of the same model, we can extend our research: To reconstructing missing model production data – by using interpolation and extrapolation algorithms on our SN data.

An exception (and not included in this figure) is the Zephyr Hawaiian model which carried on with the pre-war SN system (see C), starting around SN 7300 in 1946 and ending around SN 7908 in 1949 (=approx. 3) The year 1949 brought significant changes to Epiphone's model lineup and likewise to their SN systems.However all missing numbers between the lowest and highest documented SNs of an assumed model batch can be "interpolated" i.e.tentatively identified (with high probability) to also be examples of that same model.Theoretically there is a possibility that certain numbers may have been omitted and not used for whatever reason. In contrast, our "W” date always refers to the estimated date when the respective Epiphone instrument/SN .Certainty in this matter will grow as the gaps of undocumented SNs in our Registry continue to be filled with data. It can be assumed that shipping/sale dates of individual instruments from the same production period (or even the same batch) could vary considerably – i.e.

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6) Epiphone's SN systems appear to be similar in concept to the SNs of C. Martin & Co: instruments within a (typically model-specific) production batch were assigned a consecutive SN range – i.e.