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Bands like State Champs, Neck Deep, With Confidence, Broadside and Four Year Strong have such high energy and give me that extra push when I need it. We also have several partners that we do collab products with like Volcom, Nomadix, Nixon, Odina Swim, Proof Eyewear, POW Gloves, Von Zipper and Gnu Snowboards.

This was going to be my entry to the summer mix contest, but I was too lazy to convert these all into MP3 (they are in both MP3 and .m4a, so you will need something that can play MP4's like i Tunes).

And though they're both good players - Parvati more than Russell, since he doesn't seem to grasp the "Don't be a jerk to everyone" part of the social game - I find them both to be thoroughly unpleasant people to watch, and I really don't want to see weeks on end of Russell boasting of his awesomeness (using the ouster of Rob as supporting evidence) and Parvati flashing that smug Cheshire grin.

(*) Loved the aftermath of the vote: Rob accepts Jerri's hug, because he gets that it's a game and Jerri did what she thought was best for her, but then snubs Coach (who's a neurotic hypocrite) and says, "You're a little man."I recognize that "Survivor" is an unpredictable game, and lots of things could change between now and when I'm back from my time off, but if they're in charge, I'm out. I know Russell has his fans, so enjoy him if he goes far again.

To combat sitting at the desk, we actually do a great deal of work in our warehouse organizing, moving around, or we meet in other locations. In our warehouse we have these huge yellow eco-friendly futons from this year and is hoping to be on the entire tour next year.

I’ve been into a lot of that type of music lately, especially pop punk.

So I decided to go into a completely different direction.

Like I said, they get a little less accessible as they progress, but I think it is a fair representation of her stuff. Pluto this is a tribute CD to Roky Erikson from 1990. Track 19 is the only example (that I am aware of) of one Coachella artist covering another Coachella artist from the same year. I'm taking the next two weeks off for some family time, and unless things change dramatically between now and then, I'm not sure I'll be returning to this "Survivor" season.With Boston Rob's exit - at the hands of Coach being wishy-washy and casting a throwaway vote for Courtney that he knew would doom Rob(*) - I fear things are now set up for Russell and Parvati to start running things, not only with the Villains tribe, but with whatever happens post-merge.

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