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(The scene of him muting calls during a workday afternoon while scanning online dating photos of only women with bikini shots is really all the evidence you need.)The lines that Alex, or “Prime Time99,” spouts are stand-alone gems: “This girl is an alcoholic. I like that.” and “Someone who has that much insecurity to lie online is probably easy to sleep with.” Unsurprisingly, he’s as sexually aggressive as one would expected a man who claims “a little ass grab here or there never hurt nobody” to be.He does, in fact, regularly grab his dates’ buttocks without permission, and like a blue-balled high schooler tells one lady, “Don’t be such a prude.”It’s truly masterful that he hasn’t been banned from dating sites or, you know, arrested. I will rock your world.” He later speaks about his penis completely unprompted: “It’s not that long. It’ll get in there.” Then, during the post-date interview, he makes the image way worse (and contradicts himself): “I’ve got a salami that’s smooth, long, and tasty in my pants.” What possesses him to think that women will find his penis analogies appealing is unclear, but his constant reminder that he used to be overweight make suggests a host of insecurities driving his wildly inappropriate dirty talk.I still tinker with online dating some, but as you know, it can be a lot of work with little reward as people still don't get misleading someone into a first date will not get them a second and just is a waste of both peoples' limited time, argh, haha." "I am still actively dating online but not as aggressively. I did get back with my ex that broke up with me right before filming, but the jealousy and insecurities of her just didn’t want me to continue the relationship.All in all, business is on the up-and-up, love/sex life is still good.When she offers to reveal her real age because he’s been pestering her about it all night, he tells her to hold off and save something for the next date.Of course, Marcus has no intention of spending another minute with her, but is too pathetic to step out of his guise as the suave, sophisticated “good guy.” His spineless duplicity confirms that the good guy is actually pretty much a louse.Alex is the bad guy, if we’re defining “bad” on a scale of what women would bring homes to their moms (which Bravo seems to presume we are).He has the sketchiest and vaguest professional pursuits; he’s a car salesman who dabbles in his father’s bail bond business.

On his first date, Marcus takes out a woman, Michel'le, who seems perfectly normal—as normal as the actress/model can be—except that the footage of her is pretty obviously spliced to make her seem flighty and self-obsessed.(Though not completely, obviously, as Bravo still finds the practice unusual enough to devote an entire television series to it.)There is a way to examine modern dating habits that could both entertain and enlighten.Unfortunately, Bravo relies on old tropes of “good” and “bad” guys and contrived awkward sexual interactions that will make only pearl clutchers blush and the rest of us who have tried online dating for more than hour scream, “so, what?That may be because bachelors tend to be depicted far more positively and glamorously than their female counterparts who are relegated to stereotypes of shrill spinsters and old maids.But it is also the stigma of online dating that has faded tremendously.

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As a high school student, I wondered if I would someday be intrepid or—as these women were not-so-subtly stigmatized as—desperate enough to enter this uncharted world. I’m an online dating veteran with hundreds of virtual and dozens of in-person exchanges under my belt. According to the Pew Research Center, 11 percent of all Americans who use the Internet have used an online dating site, and that number jumps to 38 percent among people who are single and looking.

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  1. The last thing you want is to end up dating a woman who is solely seeking financial support for her family, and isn’t genuinely interested in what you’re looking for.