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Ancestry DNA's price tag includes the collection kit and two-way shipping, and there are often sales; I've seen it for as low as .

23and Me charges for shipping in both directions (about ) on top of the price of its collection kit.

So in many cases, unless your matches have a public profile or public family tree, you'll only be able to view their display name (either a username or their full name), which isn't much to go on. This feature has the odd feel of a dating site since you can connect with your matches and see when they last logged in.23and Me has a similar requirement, whereas Home DNA has no such restrictions.The whole process is quick and simple, and the included funnel prevents spillage.Next, you can link your kit to your Ancestry family tree, if you have one.Once you've finished activating your kit and setting up your account, it's time to extract your sample, which involves spitting into a plastic tube up to its fill line. You can't eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes before providing your sample.

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In several weeks' time, the service posts the results to your online profile.

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